About Me

Hello there weary internet traveller. You seem to have stumbled across one of my small corners of the internet. I would hazard a guess that you’re either here because you specifically searched for me, or because you googled something ultra specific and found this blog. Either way, welcome. This blog is mostly for my own documentation and amusement as opposed to necessarily being helpful to others, but if you find something here helpful then please do let me know!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Adam Bradley. I live in Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom, and one of my many pastimes is engineering. I’ve got varying degrees of interest & experience in software, electronic, electro mechanical, and mechanical engineering. This blog mostly consists of me detailing what I do, the lessons learned, and probably how I’d do it next time.

This isn’t my only blog, I also run https://ibms360.co.uk/ where I blog the rescue & restoration of an IBM 360 Mainframe.